The William Rotsler Virtual Museum : Magazine Section : Models : Vicky Dee (Adele Rein)

February 1965

Wendy Wyatt and Vicky Dee (Adele Rein) pictorial by photographer Jim Sullivan.

The fanzine Last Masque has an account mentioning I believe this model's ball.
Specifically the picture on page 16 of this issue or the sixth image here.
In the fanzine Rotsler is describing model Wendy Wyatt.

At the Ball she was persuaded to
take off a pastie for pix, then both;
she'd put them back on, then take 'em
off, and was very excited & thrilled by
all the attention she was getting and
finally just left them off. Somewhere
there is a picture of her and two blondes,
that I find personally rather exciting,
because eventually I was to bed all of
them, and all were under unusual

Addition pictorial is of model Gaby Ryke - Rotsler photographed her
on the set of my Tale is Hot.

The cartoons were funny so I scanned them too - no Rotsler content.


Note: click image for full 300DPI scan (page 16 is 600DPI)