The William Rotsler Virtual Museum : Magazine Section

Additional Pictorials: Rotsler Models and Actresses - but not photographed by him

Volume 1 Number 4

William Rotsler - Kook With A Camera

Pictorial featuring Rotsler as a jet-age playboy, Marli Renfro,
Virginia Gordon, Collette Berne and Patti
See also Captivate V1N1

Sir Knight
Volume 3 Number 4
April 1962

Early Rotsler photography featuring model Pooh Blair.
Note the William Rotsler art with the WR signature
hanging on the wall.

Rotsler can also be seen in this pictorial.

See also Ace May 1963

Volume 6 Number 6
May 1963

More images from the Pooh Blair photoshoot.
Note the William Rotsler art with the WR signature
hanging on the wall.

Rotsler can also be seen in this pictorial.

See also Sir Knight April 1962

Vol. 1 No. 1

Early 1960s

Uncredited Pictorial by William Rotsler

Models Collette Berne and Patti See Millionaire Dec. 1965

September 1965

Millionaire Parties With William Rotsler

This article announces Rotsler will be an ongoing feature in upcoming issues

December 1965

Millionaire Goes to a Party by Bill Rotsler

Featuring Rotsler, Collette Berne and Patti

Vol. 1 No. 8 1965

The Astro-Naughties

Movie stills by Bill Rotsler

All Man
Vol. 8 No. 6
February 1968

A pictorial of Rotsler actress Vicky Dee star of "The Girl With the Hungry Eyes"
by Unknown Photographer

A picture of Rotsler is used to illustrate an article

Volume 8 Number 6
October 1970

Notes of a Sex Film Photographer
by William Rotsler

Features behind the scenes accounts and pictures on his films.
Models include Pat Barrington and Kathy Williams

Vol. 28 No. 6
July 1972

The Casting Couch is Real
Article by Shannon Carse aka William Rotsler

Pictorial of model Sin Lenee by unknown photographer

Adam Special Report
#8 The Erotic Photographers
November 1971

Bill Rotsler : King of the Pornos

Interview of Bill Rotsler by David Hine
Illustrated with scenes from "Four Kinds of Love."
Models include Pat Barrington and Joyce Gibson.

Modern Man
Volume 22 Number 12
December 1972

Article on the Rotsler movie "The Godson"
Pictured actors include Harlan Ellison, Lois Mitchell, Uschi Digard.

Additional article illustrated with Rotsler body painted cartoon

Volume 10 Number 6
August 1974

The Bent Lance Column: My Peak Sexual Experience
with Model Sharon Church aka Sin Lenee
Frontier Floozie - pictorial with Rotsler

Swingers World Ad - picture of Rotsler

Adult Cinema
Volume 5 Number 1
No date - probably 1985


Volume 6 Number 6

Rotsler and Traci Lords presented
at the 1984 XRCO Awards