The William Rotsler Virtual Museum : Art Section : Single Pieces

This Section is for Rotsler art pieces that are presented as individual items.
It will also include drawings taken from fanzines too, especially when the whole fanzine is not availiable.
Regretably there's not time to go through scanned fanzines to isolate the art merely to have a duplicate in this section.

Robot Philisophical Answers

I don't have a record of where this was purchased from.

This is a large drawing I think was purchased from the estate
of a Robert Lincoln that was an assistant to Forrest Ackerman.
But that can easily be a totally incorrect memory.

Medium View

600DPI / 10X Scan Resolution JPEG

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Mailing Envelope - Science Fiction 5 Yearly #12 2006
ebay auction photo - aphooper